Sustainability and cost reduction in logistics transport

The solution is Synple
One out of 4 trucks on European highways is completely empty. Locally, the percentage of empty trucks is even worse. These empty roadtrucks have an impact on costs, pollution and infrastructure. The solution is Synple.

Synple: less kilometers, lower costs, more sustainable
Synple has an innovative way to make companies collaborate. The result:

  • Fewer kilometers;
  • Lower costs;
  • Fewer traffic jams;
  • Less greenhouse gasses;
  • Less particle pollution;
  • Clear sustainable benefits. 

A straight forward solution for logistic optimization
Using one another's logistics network, all parties in the chain can help to reduce their empty driven kilometers. Very Synple. With our tools and easy implementation (plug in technology), combining and optimizing routes will become part of your daily routine. Complicated? No, it's Synple.

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